First Tokenized Medtech VC Fund

Invest in Europe's Best Ventures

We are the Future of Venture Capital


One step ahead of the game

We're the first tokenized fund to provide cryptocurrency investors access to a three-year-old medtech fund.

Asset Backed

Existing portfolio

Participate in an already existing portfolio of 5 outstanding ventures from the medical field.


VC investment as a tradable asset

We are transforming the highly illiquid Venture Capital asset class into a tradable asset.


More payment options

We're providing both cryptocurrency and fiat payment options for investing in our token.

Purchase BOV tokens from our Special STO Investment Vehicle using cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH) or fiat money (CHF, US$)

Our Special STO Investment Vehicle will become an investor into BlueOcean Ventures II making our token holders indirect shareholders into BlueOcean Ventures II

Using the raised funds, BlueOcean Ventures II invests or reinvests in a total of 8 to 12 of the best medtech companies

Net proceeds from the STO are 100% invested in BlueOcean Ventures II

Using the raised funds, BlueOcean Ventures II invests or reinvests in a total of 8 to 12 of the best medtech companies

Net proceeds from the STO are 100% invested in BlueOcean Ventures II

Receive your return on investment

During buyback events, revenue from BlueOcean Ventures II are transferred back to BlueOcean Ventures II's investors, including our Special STO Investment Vehicle which in turn uses 100% of these proceeds to buy back your tokens at the token's current market price or the token's net asset value, whichever is higher. You are also permitted to sell your tokens at any time through our exchange partners.

First Tokenized Medtech VC Fund

Investing in Europe's Best Companies

Why is our model different?


Traditional VC model

Minimum Investment

US$ 1,000

US$ 350,000

Investment Access

Anywhere (*)

Not visible

Tradable Assets

Exchanges / Market Place

Private Sale only



CHF only

Holding Period

No Minimum

6 to 10 years



Long and complex legal agreements have to be signed

Underlying Assets

5 Portfolio Companies

5 Portfolio Companies

Why Buy BOV Token?

BlueOcean Ventures II has an experienced team with over 80 years of combined Start up and MedTech industry experience that knows how to identify the medtech startups that will deliver results - this team seamlessly increased BlueOcean Ventures II's portfolio value by 48% until end 2017 (audited numbers).

Innovative Process

To solve the common issues of investing in traditional venture capital funds, we are introducing a tokenization process that offers investors liquidity, accessibility and speed - factors that work to ensure a higher ROI for token investors.

Favorable Market

BlueOcean Ventures II invests exclusively in Europe, most notably Switzerland - a region and country where the medtech industry is most dynamic and the financial, political and legal systems are startup-friendly.

Smart Investing

BlueOcean Ventures II identifies the best of the best medtech startups through a rigorous screening process and buy shares in those that are investment-ready at the most favourable terms.

STO Team & Advisors

Emmanuel de Watteville
General Partner and Co-Founder

Emmanuel has been part of the startup ecosystem since 2003, when he started as a business coach and financial expert at FONGIT, Geneva's leading incubator, and the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Since then, Emmanuel has acquired extensive experience in coaching, creating, managing, developing and financing more than 200 high-tech startups across several sectors, including the medical and information technologies. With over a decade of hands-on experience in venture capital, Emmanuel is also an expert in M&A and deal structuring.

To pursue his passion for blockchain and tokenization, he started to work on launching the BlueOcean Ventures' STO in Q4 2017.
Emmanuel holds a MSc from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) and an MBA from INSEAD.

Thomas Zehnder
General Partner

Thomas has over 20 years of experience in the medtech and healthcare industries as both a senior healthcare executive and an entrepreneur. Some of the most prominent companies he has worked for include corporate firms, Sulzer Medica, Covance and Stratec Medical, as well as venture capital-backed medtech startups, Spinelab and Intelligent Medical Implants.

From 2007 to 2014, Thomas was CEO of Spinelab, a startup specializing in developing motion-preserving stabilization systems for the spine. During his tenure as CEO, he raised over US$ 22 million in venture funding and co-invented seven patents. A serial entrepreneur, Thomas also founded and co-founded four healthcare companies, Akross, Spinelab, AMYRA Biotech and Actimplant.

Since 2014, he has been a general partner at BlueOcean Ventures in Geneva and a member of the board of directors for AMYRA Biotech, IOLUTION Holding, Actimplant and Rheon Medical. Thomas is also an observer on the Ava board. Thomas holds a MSc from the Swiss Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and a Doctorate in Business Administration / Technology Management from the University of St. Gall HSG.

Antonio Gambardella

Antonio joined Fongit in 2014 as director. He is also CTI Start-up coach and sits on the board of directors of different start-ups. He was previously general partner of a venture capital fund investing in technology, with headquarters in Switzerland, Italy and California. During this experience, he managed incubator activities for seed start-ups. Later, he made direct investments in innovative small-medium companies in Europe, with active roles in management and board of directors (sectors including telecom, software, cleantech, optics and luxury). Antonio holds a master degree in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan (Italy) and he attended Singularity University in California.

Jean-Etienne Durand
Head of Operations

Jean-Etienne is a founding member of the Swiss Blockchain Association and co-founder of the Fusion Blockchain Lab, Switzerland's leading fintech accelerator. Over his 15 years of experience in technology and digital growth, he has built several successful cryptocurrency businesses, as well as improved synergies within existing companies.

Lug Giroud
Head of Marketing

As a digital marketing expert, Lug has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies generate millions in revenue online through content creation, traffic acquisition, conversion rate optimization, emailing and community management. In some cases, his work has accelerated traffic from zero to ten of millions of visits per month.

After co-founding Wild, a performance-based digital marketing and growth hacking agency, Lug managed the digital marketing efforts of several high-profile ICOs.

Christophe Saam
Swiss & European Patent Attorney

After his studies of electrical engineering at the Lausanne Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Christophe Saam was in charge of research in the field of holograms used in the manufacture of integrated circuits. In 1990, he became a Search Examiner at the European Patent Office in Berlin, where he learned both the patent law and on-line search techniques in the field of flat screens, error coding and data compression. Upon returning to Switzerland in 1994, Christophe Saam devoted himself to advising clients active in electronics, telecommunications, microtechnology and watchmaking regarding patent matters. Admitted as European Patent Attorney with the European Patent Office, he also studied American patent law in Washington, and was awarded by a diploma of the University of Strasbourg in patent litigation.

In 2010, he was appointed by the Swiss Federal Assembly as part-time judge to the Federal Patent Court.
He is an active member of different Swiss and international professional associations, such as FICPI, VSP, AIPPI, LES, VESPA, and PIUG Christophe Saam contributes a column on intellectual property matters in various economical newspapers.

In 1998, he founded the patent law firm P&TS whose president and managing director he is.
Christophe runs long distances and also enjoys making photographic reports about still unexplored recesses of our planet.

Olivier Crochat
STO Technology Advisor

Olivier has a strong scientific background (MSc and PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL) and 15+ years of executive roles in startups, SMEs and large companies. Olivier has an excellent understanding of the ICT domain, where he successfully led several projects from idea to exit. Olivier is currently the Executive Director of the Center for Digital Trust (C4DT) at EPFL. It is a center of excellence for IT security and personal data protection in the digital era, exploiting synergies between emerging technologies, such as blockchains, smart contracts, machine learning, advanced cryptography and software verification.

Discover BlueOcean Ventures' Team

First Tokenized Medtech VC Fund

Investing in Europe's Best Companies

BlueOcean Ventures' Story

To date, BlueOcean Ventures' team has invested in 30+ companies of which several have been successfully exited and 9 have been financed through the team’s first fund BlueOcean Ventures I, since 2008. Before launching BlueOcean Ventures I, BlueOcean's team successfully held positions in strategy, finance and senior management in large corporations and start-up companies.

Characteristics of BlueOcean Ventures II

  • Launch Date: Sept 2015
  • Current Size: US$ 10M FIAT
  • Target Size: US$ 75M
  • Focus: Medical technologies in Europe, most notably Switzerland
  • Porfolio: Currently 5 companies; in total 8-12 companies
  • Location: Jersey, United Kingdom
  • Auditor: Mazars, a Tier 1 auditor

Current Portfolio
BlueOcean Ventures II


Zurich, Switzerland

Ava is a fertility bracelet for women looking to increase their chances of conception. Worn at night, the bracelet helps identify, on average, five fertile days per menstrual cycle by monitoring the body's temperature, pulse rate and six other physiological parameters.

Since its commercial launch in June 2016, Ava has sold more than 20,000 units and won the 2018 Swiss Medtech Award with over 15 new pregnancies registered every day by couples using the product.

Ava's co-founder, Lea Von Bidder, is a member of Forbes' prestigious 30 Under 30, 2018 edition.

Luciole Medical

Zurich, Switzerland

Luciole Medical AG develops and sells RheoPatch and RheoSens, providing reliable ways of measuring key oxygenation and flow parameters of the brain.

Rheon Medical SA

Lausanne, Switzerland

Rheon Medical specializes in developing and distributing the world's first adjustable glaucoma drainage device. The device has been successful at treating more than 30 patients and is on track to receiving the CE marking.

Founder of Rheon Medical, Dr. Nikolaos Stergiopulos, is a notable professor at EPFL and also the founder of another successful startup, Endoart SA, which sold to Allergan in 2007 for US$ 97 million.


Lausanne, Switzerland

At the forefront of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology, Abionic has developed and commercialized abioSCOPE, a unique diagnostic platform that improves medical diagnosis using a single drop of blood.

abioSCOPE currently provides two tests: one measuring total IgE and one used to detect the five main respiratory allergens.


Lausanne, Switzerland

Volumina Medical SA has developped AdiPearlTM which is based on rigorous research performed since 2015 at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). It was sparked by the interaction with several surgeons who were looking for solutions to reconstruct soft tissue volumes.

Company's objective is to develop, manufacture and commercialize highly innovative tissue reconstruction technologies for the market of reconstructive and plastic surgery.

See BlueOcean Ventures I Portfolio

STO Roadmap


Launch of BlueOcean Ventures I


Launch of the second fund, BlueOcean Ventures II


BlueOcean Ventures II invests in Ava AG, Rheon Medical SA, and Abionic SA


BlueOcean Ventures II achieves an impressive 48% growth of its portfolio value until end 2017 (audited numbers)

May 2018

Set up of Special STO Investment Vehicle in Singapore

July 2018

BlueOcean Ventures II invest in Volumina Medical SA and Luciole Medical AG, Start of the presale of the STO

December 2018

End of the STO. 100% of the STO net proceeds are invested into BlueOcean Ventures II

Beginning of 2019

BOV token trades on various exchanges and BlueOcean Ventures II has a portfolio of 6 startups


BlueOcean Ventures II has a portfolio of 8 to 12 companies. Initial expected proceed to token holders from first sale of a portfolio company


BlueOcean Ventures II is closed, all remaining assets are distributed to the investors